Healing with Energy and Crystals 

To heal is to restore to a state of balance and optimal performance. We all recognize how, especially when we are in a state of imbalance, even subtle energies affect us profoundly across all dimensions of our consciousness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Those same subtle energies have been used in many ancient traditions to heal ailments, restore balance, provide clarity and induce a state of relaxation which provides an essential substrate for any form of healing. My experience is that a combination of vibrational, energy healing and spiritual life coaching can truly facilitate growth and transformation, as we learn to work with the laws of the universe by aligning what we want with what we need.

In my practice I provide a unique, multidimensional healing experience by using a combination of tools and methods tailored to the individual need. These include Crystal Healing, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, Sound Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching.


Crystal Healing

Using crystals and stones to promote healing and balance our energy, is one of the most ancient healing methods ever recorded across a number of cultures. Crystals have a very high and precise rate of vibration, and so they are utilized extensively in modern technology to modulate, transmit and store energy in our phones, computers and radios. Silica or quartz, amongst many, are at the basis of the technology that allows me to reach to you at this moment and you to read this very page.

Intuitively people have always been drawn to gems and crystals; to their beautiful colors and optical qualities and through the centuries, we have come to use stones and crystals to attract positive energies and to shield us from negativity.Many philosophies and spiritual practices advocate the use of specific crystals to restore balance and harmony. Many of us have received a crystal or stone as a good will wish.

Crystal healing is a form of energy healing which uses the properties of stones and crystals placed on various areas of the body and moved through key energy points and blockages.


Reiki is an energy-based healing modality originating from Japan. It is relaxing and reduces stress, which in and of itself promotes healing. Practitioners typically lay hands on the client as a mean of letting this energy flow to remove physical and emotional blockages; however reiki can also be shared across remote healing sessions. 


The ThetaHealing® technique is a meditation process that trains the brain into being able to hold a conscious theta brain wave. It combines deep energy work, intuitive readings and kinesiology. Theta digs deeply into the subconscious mind to provide closure, guidance and healing where it is most needed by our souls. Theta is a powerful toot to dismantle the illusion of struggle and the strategies of the ego, it can help to heal trauma and reconcile conflict. In my personal experience, Theta provides the clarity and courage to identify and address the core issues of our suffering and a path to a deeper multidimensional healing. It reminds us of and enables us to tap into our connection with the Divine; the Higher Self; the Collective Unconscious; whichever way we wish to express the Universal concept of Truth, Unconditional Love and Abundance.

Sound Healing

Energy is vibration and sound is a form of energy in itself. With sound we can help facilitate shifts in our brainwaves as well as in neural and muscle responses. Certain sounds transmitted by voice or instruments resonate with the energetic centers in our bodies allowing blockages be removed and balance restored.

Spiritual Coaching

Many of us had some breakthrough where all of a sudden life events and situations reveal a deeper meaning and a clear course of action for transformation. This can be through a personal crisis, spiritual practice, plant medicine, a healing session, or sometimes a conversation with a stranger. However, often those moments are fleeting; soon we fall back into familiar behaviors and comfortable emotional patterns and forget how empowering that sense of clarity made us feel. As we embark on a healing journey, it is important to accept that it is only through active participation and engagement that we can fully integrate progress and make permanent changes. Spiritual coaching can help us move that golden nugget, that moment of wonderful spiritual clarity into the physical world through physical action and integration into the conscious mind. The effects of this process can unveil one's life purpose and help clear any residual blockages while letting go of what no longer serves us.